About Us

In Sovereign King PCA, we value our members’ desire to be one with the church and with our faith. We want them to fully engage in our activities and programs wherever they go and whenever they want. That is why we develop our online website where they can get the latest update about our church’s regular activities.

We want our members to commit their time serving the church. And with the demands of their personal lives, we know that this is a bit hard for them. Perhaps, some of them would think that this would affect their lives outside the church. However, we believe that a person needs the guidance of the church in order for him or her to live a peaceful life.

When we are thinking of a way on how we can help our members defy the problems of distributing their time to their personal lives and to serving the church, we thought of using the advantage of technology and website managing. That is how we came up with the idea of maintaining this website. We are very pleased that our members can make use of what was just an ordinary idea before.

With this website, member can be updated with the occasions and celebrations we may have and conduct in our church. This website can definitely help them be well-informed and church-active members.

Our website also features sections where members of the church can communicate with each other. We want them to socialize and be familiarized with each other. Our goal is to build strong relationship inside the church founded with its teachings. That is why communication between members of the church is given high prioritization. Our community is aiming to develop better relationship with our members. Hence, this website would be useful for them.

Join and be part of our growing and engaging community!