Cultivating Relationship with Your Children

A family is the most basic unit of the society. The stronger the family, the stronger the community becomes. However, with the fast modernizing world, it’s a little bit saddening to see how family ties nowadays also suffer a decline. Gone were those days when the quality family time is celebrated. Although the practice still persists in some families around the world, it is often challenged by the absence of communication.

With the development of smartphones and mobile phones which help connect people from the world over, it is funny that one of the problems that affect family ties is the lack of communication. Parents nowadays are more likely to be focused on work to sustain their family. Children, on the other hand, are more prone to spend time with their peers with the prolonged absence of their parents at home. Family dinners which are a place to air grievances and issues are already a product of the past. Most often than not, working parents are not any more privy to the going-ons in their children lives. This creates a gap in the relationship that when not addressed immediately, becomes difficult to bridge.

So how should you solve this?

1. Establish family time

Your work is important, but family time should not be discounted too. Granted you go home at the end of the day, this boils down to nothing if your presence is almost not felt there. Always allot one day in a week for family time wherein you are just going to spend some activities together. If possible, be at home during dinner time and prepare dinner for the family. If not, take out is always possible before every member proceeds with their night out.

2. Take time to Listen

Listening builds trust. If your children are talking about their problems, take time to listen. Never judge even if you want to be a parent. Listen first before throwing in your one cent. The only time your children will come to you is when they need comfort and support. Never give them any reason to doubt you. Sometimes, you need to be a friend more than a parent.

3. Take them on trips

Whether if it’s just a short trip or a long one, it pays to take your family with you especially your kids. They won’t be young forever so as much as possible, enjoy their attention while you still can. Time will come when they wouldn’t want to go with you even if you drag them whining and kicking. Spending time with them outside your home or your comfortable environment would also help you strengthen your bond with them.

4. Make their opinions matter

Make your children feel as if they belong always. Whether it is just over small decisions or sensitive ones. Always keep them in the loop. Things like asking them about the new wall color they prefer in your

common room or in a part of the house will give them the feeling that they matter. You can even have their choices be visible on a Simulator Pro just so they can see the outcome. More info on this at

5. Always communicate

If there are problems, always sit with your kids and communicate. Discuss the problem at hand. If your children commit mistakes, allow them to explain before jumping to conclusions. This is the best parenting you can give them.

At the end of the day, everything could be fixed if you are willing to compromise. Before you know it, your kids will be at an age where they would want to move out. If you want them to be eager to go back, you should find a way to develop a good relationship with them while they are young.