What is this website for?

This website is developed and maintained for the members of the Sovereign King PCA church. We want our members to be active in participating with our church’s mission while maintaining their personal relationships with other people in their lives.


Is this a free website?

Yes. This website is free of charge. We do not charge people for using our website. We want it to be as accessible as possible.


How do you maintain the monetization of your website if it is free?

We invite advertisers to place their ads on our website. We make sure that our website would remain friendly despite the presence of different advertisements placed on the platform.


What kind of advertisement can we see on your website?

We filter advertisements that we place on our site. It must be friendly to our users and they must be related to our church. We would also like to make this as an opportunity for advertisers to connect themselves with the members of our church.


How can we place advertisement on your site?

Any information about advertising can be communicated through @sovereignkingPCA.com


Can we contribute our pieces to your site?

You may contribute on our website by sending your write ups on the information that you will see on the Contact Us section.


How do we subscribe on your website?

You can be updated anytime and anywhere with the details on our site. Just click the SUBSCRIBE button near the home panel.


Is it free to subscribe?

Subscription to our page is absolutely free. We do not charge you for waiting updates. You may also turn off subscription if you feel so.


Can we cancel our subscription?

Users may cancel their subscription whenever they want. They can also filter which type of newsletter are they going to receive weekly.